The second generation Content Pack for Unreal engine 4


At the moment he is working on an Asset Pack that he'll be releasing onto

the Unreal Marketplace. Check out the Projects tab to find out more about his

current Projects and Games.


Or about HIM, as Ionstudios currently is a one-man army. He is an 21 year old student

who likes playing around with 3D objects, especially in Game engines. He Started learning his awesome

skills of three dimensional poly manipulation when he was 14 years old, in a programm called Cinema 4D. Not the best

for starters but trial and error led his way to more advanced technices and therefore more realistic models. Since he was

born with a love for computergames soon he would discover GameEngines whith wich he was able to build

his very own games from scratch. And here we are, after many really shitty and some good attempts he focused his energy

on creating 3D art for games and releasing them to the Unreal Marketplace. Getting better and better every day.


If you are curious about what he has done so far go to the Projects tab and if you

want to know the latest news and what's going on @ionstudios just follow us on Twitter @ionstudiosmedia.

 And if you want to support him you can do so right here. 


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